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In my quest to fathom out the Raspberry Pi micro computer and the Arduino micro controller, I am constantly gathering useful hints and tips on various aspects of the two. This site is my hub of information. It is my goal to help you get to grips with your devices of choice. Please do bear with […]

1-Wire Bus Addresses

The 1-wire bus is a useful communications system for the Arduino. It allows many 1-wire devices to be linked in parallel and then all connected to one single data pin on the Arduino. This is great as I/O pins are limited on your microcontroller, but devices are not, so therefore, you would soon run out […]

Dallas I2C Thermometer

The digital thermometer of choice is the Dallas DS18B20. It looks like a transistor with three legs, but is a 1-wire device, which means that multiple units can be linked on one data bus wire and connected to the Arduino. This data bus is called the I2C. If we are using one Dallas DS18B20, we […]

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